MSAI-ISAI First Joint Allergy and Immunology Scientific Meeting 2018


The 18th Malaysia Congress and Exhibition on Allergy and Immunology was held on 6-8 April 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Level 2.

Biomed Global, one of the participants in the exhibition, focused on the ImmunoCAP Allergy Blood Test – The Gold Standard of Allergy Blood Test.


Primarily, Biomed Global’s role in the exhibition was to:

1) Advocate ImmunoCAP sIgE test as one of the important assessments to aid diagnosis of allergic diseases

2) Educate the appropriate procedures of requesting ImmunoCAP sIgE test and interpreting its results

More entertainment followed as fun games and interesting prizes were up for grab. The games included SpaceQuanto (the longest travelling distance), AllerVADE (the highest scores), and ResQ (the fastest timing).

Participants will earn a “gold coin” to redeem prizes such as photobooth opportunities, snacks and daily champion.

“In Biomed Global, we believe an optimum treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis,” says Ang Kok Teong from Biomed Global.

“Raising education and awareness of allergy diagnosis are the first priority and the commitment of our company to serve the needs of healthcare professionals and publics to live life healthier. Entertaining, educational and engaging are our main approaches to drive our activities to create joyful yet effective communication with various stakeholders.”

He later adds, “Hopefully, these unique approach is helpful to improve the effectiveness in transferring the knowledge and eventually benefits the efforts in improving the disease outcomes.”

According to the Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology, allergy presents a multi-specialty problem - both, on global and regional levels. In many other parts of the world, societies/academies and even colleges of Allergy and Immunology have been in existence for decades.

After the very first and successful congress, alongside many allergy roadshows in Malaysia, the society continues to embark on many more activities to come.

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