Cultivating a Partnership with QuantaMatrix for Sepsis Diagnosis “dRAST” in Southeast Asia

Biomed Global & QuantaMatrix

On September 5th, QuantaMatrix (317690), a prominent IVD medical device manufacturer, unveiled a significant development in its endeavors by securing an exclusive sales agreement with Biomed Global. This collaboration marks an entrance into the Sepsis treatment in Southeast Asia.

A spokesperson from Biomed Global expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Following extensive deliberations with QuantaMatrix, we are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with them as the exclusive distributor for the commercialisation of the revolutionary ‘dRAST’ (direct Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing) solution across five Southeast Asian countries. Our partner hospitals have demonstrated a strong interest in rapid AST solutions, driven by the growing recognition of such solutions at global medical conferences. This represents a rare occasion where our customers have specifically requested an opportunity to assess an innovative solution. Among the limited global rapid AST offerings available, we firmly believe that QuantaMatrix’s automated and AI-powered dRAST solution stands out as the most advanced and comprehensive choice.”

QuantaMatrix ‘dRAST’ Market Presence

QuantaMatrix expanded its domestic presence, successfully launching ‘dRAST’ at Dong-a University Hospital in Busan. Globally, ‘dRAST’ has been introduced in leading medical institutions across Europe and Middle Eastern hospitals, including Israel, for patient diagnosis. QuantaMatrix also secured a competitive contract with the Union of Public Hospitals Joint Purchasing Association (UniHA). The collaboration with Biomed Global is set to drive ‘dRAST’s expansion into Southeast Asia with momentum.

Sunghoon Kwon, the CEO of QuantaMatrix, stated, “QuantaMatrix has now extended its operational reach into Southeast Asia, following successful ventures in South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East. We are committed to closely collaborating with Biomed Global to swiftly distribute ‘dRAST’ throughout Southeast Asia. ‘dRAST’ represents a medical device that utilise cutting-edge AI algorithms, developed with 35 million data points and entirely rooted in domestic technology. Through our innovative domestic products, we steadfastly pursue global market leadership and aim to establish ‘dRAST’ as the global benchmark in the rapid AST market. The global expansion of ‘dRAST’ will also concurrently enhance patient care for sepsis patients and reduce Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) globally.”

Introduction to ‘dRAST’ Sepsis Diagnosis

QuantaMatrix's product, dRAST for Sepsis diognosis and treatment is available in Southeast Asia

‘dRAST’ is a critical device for saving sepsis patients in Southeast Asia by rapidly diagnosing and recommending appropriate antibacterial treatments. Sepsis, with a 9% hourly survival decrease and 30% mortality within 30 days, is a major health concern in the region.

Using positive blood cultures, ‘dRAST’ cuts Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) time from 60+ hours to just 30-50 hours, expediting diagnosis for optimal treatment. This advancement reduces excessive antimicrobial use and combats drug-resistant bacteria, improving healthcare outcomes globally.

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