Challenges of cfDNA, DNA, RNA Isolation from FFPE and Other Clinical Samples

19th November 2020, 4pm SGT
Free Admission


Reliable clinical sample analysis plays an essential role in human healthcare or disease control & strongly depends on products of high performance & quality. Clinical sample isolation & subsequent processing is demanding on several levels. Probably the most challenging aspect of handling clinical samples is their sheer diversity: blood & various other body fluids, stool samples, & formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) microscopy slides, all fall under the category of clinical samples.

Furthermore, the nucleic acid of interest can originate from both humans as well as their various parasites including, but not limited to viruses, bacteria, & protozoans. With our expertise in DNA & RNA purification from a wide variety of samples as well as extensive experience in making clinical products, MACHEREY-NAGEL is the partner of choice for your clinical project.

Join Dr. Thomas Winkelmüller in this webinar, where you will learn more about the solutions that MN offers to isolate high quality nucleic acids from clinical samples, ensuring robust results with a high degree of reliability.

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Speaker's Biographies

By Dr. Thomas Winkelmüller
International Sales Manager

Joined MACHEREY-NAGEL 2018 as technical support specialist. Since 2020, he is an international sales manager that manages the international sales for the MN Bioanalysis portfolio in parts of Europe and SouthEast Asia.

He studied biology with a focus on plant-microbe interactions and molecular plant biology at the RWTH Aachen (Germany), Uppsala University (Sweden) and at Bayer CropScience. During his PhD at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, he focused on the evolution of transcriptome responses during immunity in various plant species.