A New Platform Technology for Multiplexed Protein Analysis

13th Nov 2020 (Friday), 3pm – 4pm (SGT)

Free Admission



AYOXXA is an NUS spin-off Biotech company. It has developed a novel platform technology that builds on the simple idea to immobilize beads coated with different highly specific antibodies onto a solid-surface array. Detection signals are easily read and mapped by fluorescence microscopy. This setup translates to highly sensitive, precise and accurate multiplexed protein quantification from minute sample volumes as low as 3μl. Its growing portfolio of protein detection panels is supporting research scientists to gain new insights in basic and translational research fields like Ophthalmology, Immuno-Oncology and various others.

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Speaker's Biographies

By Dr. Bernd Willems
Scientist and Business Development Manager

Dr. Bernd Willems works with AYOXXA as Scientist and Business Development Manager. Bernd got his PhD from the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore.

He then returned to Germany and started his corporate career with a large hospital consortium where he coordinated the Clinical Research arm. Subsequently, he spent three years with QIAGEN as Global Product Manager. In 2017, he joined AYOXXA to represent the company in Singapore.