Cultivating a Partnership with QuantaMatrix for Sepsis Diagnosis “dRAST” in Southeast Asia

Biomed Global & QuantaMatrix

On September 5th, QuantaMatrix (317690), a prominent IVD medical device manufacturer, unveiled a significant development in its endeavors by securing an exclusive sales agreement with Biomed Global. This collaboration marks an entrance into the Sepsis treatment in Southeast Asia.

A spokesperson from Biomed Global expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “Following extensive deliberations with QuantaMatrix, we are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with them as the exclusive distributor for the commercialisation of the revolutionary ‘dRAST’ (direct Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing) solution across five Southeast Asian countries. Our partner hospitals have demonstrated a strong interest in rapid AST solutions, driven by the growing recognition of such solutions at global medical conferences. This represents a rare occasion where our customers have specifically requested an opportunity to assess an innovative solution. Among the limited global rapid AST offerings available, we firmly believe that QuantaMatrix’s automated and AI-powered dRAST solution stands out as the most advanced and comprehensive choice.”

QuantaMatrix ‘dRAST’ Market Presence

QuantaMatrix expanded its domestic presence, successfully launching ‘dRAST’ at Dong-a University Hospital in Busan. Globally, ‘dRAST’ has been introduced in leading medical institutions across Europe and Middle Eastern hospitals, including Israel, for patient diagnosis. QuantaMatrix also secured a competitive contract with the Union of Public Hospitals Joint Purchasing Association (UniHA). The collaboration with Biomed Global is set to drive ‘dRAST’s expansion into Southeast Asia with momentum.

Sunghoon Kwon, the CEO of QuantaMatrix, stated, “QuantaMatrix has now extended its operational reach into Southeast Asia, following successful ventures in South Korea, Europe, and the Middle East. We are committed to closely collaborating with Biomed Global to swiftly distribute ‘dRAST’ throughout Southeast Asia. ‘dRAST’ represents a medical device that utilise cutting-edge AI algorithms, developed with 35 million data points and entirely rooted in domestic technology. Through our innovative domestic products, we steadfastly pursue global market leadership and aim to establish ‘dRAST’ as the global benchmark in the rapid AST market. The global expansion of ‘dRAST’ will also concurrently enhance patient care for sepsis patients and reduce Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) globally.”

Introduction to ‘dRAST’ Sepsis Diagnosis

QuantaMatrix's product, dRAST for Sepsis diognosis and treatment is available in Southeast Asia

‘dRAST’ is a critical device for saving sepsis patients in Southeast Asia by rapidly diagnosing and recommending appropriate antibacterial treatments. Sepsis, with a 9% hourly survival decrease and 30% mortality within 30 days, is a major health concern in the region.

Using positive blood cultures, ‘dRAST’ cuts Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) time from 60+ hours to just 30-50 hours, expediting diagnosis for optimal treatment. This advancement reduces excessive antimicrobial use and combats drug-resistant bacteria, improving healthcare outcomes globally.

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Review employee support systems and work policies to ensure they are forward thinking

Organizations should constantly improve their talent acquisition and retention framework, review workflows to improve processes, build up financial standing with external stakeholders and adopt automation technology to reduce burden where possible, believes Ng Boon Thiam, Group CEO of Biomed Global.

Ng Boon Thiam is the Group CEO of Biomed Global – one of the most respected channels in the biomedical and life sciences industry in Malaysia and Singapore. Recognizing the need to improve the standards of healthcare in Malaysia, he started Biomarketing Services (now known as Biomed Global) in 1994 together with his business partner, Chen Keng Hoong. Over the years, Biomed Global has performed strongly in Malaysia and Singapore and has expanded regionally to a number of ASEAN countries. Now, the company has grown to be a significant total solution provider for Clinical Diagnostics and Life Science.

In an exclusive interaction with us, Ng Boon Thiam shares with us how Biomed Global is navigating the second wave and how it is bolstering employee support systems and work policies to support the workforce.

The toughest time is looming as companies have to ensure business continuity and productive output while supporting their workers amid the resurgence of the virus. How is Biomed Global ensuring that?

Biomed Global is in the Clinical Diagnostics Industry which is a critical piece of the country’s healthcare infrastructure. As such, the whole team has been working extremely hard to ensure continuous supply lines, installations, commissioning, trainings and subsequent support to keep the operation going. This pandemic has further empowered our team members to live to our mission of raising the quality of healthcare standards and live to our tag line of Enriching Partners, Enriching Lives.

Biomed formed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) committee right before the country implemented (Movement Control Order) MCO 1.0 to ensure compliance to the necessary SOPs and take extra care of our team’s wellbeing. The company has granted MCO meal allowances under special circumstances, maintained annual increments and additional remuneration to recognize the various team members who had to take on risks to carry out their tasks professionally. The various events such as making an extra effort for a shipment, special delivery for installation, and training and repairs were communicated and highlighted to all team members so that the efforts are well recognized. The overall morale during this pandemic remains high.

How should organizations rethink talent management amid all this uncertainty? What is Biomed Global’s focus here?

First and foremost, organizations need to be filled with talent that is in sync with the company’s Mission and Values. Talent that is agile and adaptable in this new norm, with a skill set in digitalization, a strong mindset to face any eventuality is greatly valued now. Biomed operates on a performance-based talent strategy, as such our focus is on retaining our highest performing talents and developing our talents to be high-achievers.

How should organizations level up their employee support systems and work policies? What has Biomed Global done in this regard?

“Organizations should constantly improve their talent acquisition and retention framework, review workflows to improve processes, build up financial standing with external stakeholders and adopt automation technology to reduce burden where possible.”

Biomed has since recruited experienced and strategic team members in Talent Management, Finance, and Supply Chain to support these initiatives. Biomed also constantly reviews our employee support systems and work policies to ensure they are forward-thinking and in line with the best in the industry, if not better.

How are you planning for the future amid predictions of phase three of the virus?

Biomed plans to ensure all team members are protected against COVID-19 by procuring the vaccine for our own workforce if the right vaccine is available commercially. Biomed is also investing to move the remainder of our internal operations onto a cloud-based environment. We have also invested in mobile devices to ensure working from home is possible. As our business is a critical piece of the healthcare infrastructure, we do not expect phase three to have a drastic effect on our business. However, some of our growth plans will be delayed due to uncertainty.

What is the strategy and focus for the leadership to tackle challenges posed by the continuing waves of the virus? Could you shed light on the contingency plan for 2021 and Biomed’s industry outlook for FY 2021-2022?

Biomed is fortunate to be in an essential industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and involved in COVID-19 supplies. Biomed’s leadership will continue to ensure everyone’s safety, to ensure the team can continue to operate without interruption. Biomed will continue to engage with team members regularly via monthly operation meetings, and quarterly town halls.

On the business front, we plan to continue our growth initiatives as well, identify products that will complement our current product portfolio. On COVID-19, Biomed has a total solution platform on COVID-19 diagnosis and will focus on possible automation. Post-vaccination stage, Biomed will very much be focused on immunity monitoring and R&D-related supplies for COVID-19. Biomed is optimistic and the outlook for FY 21-22 will continue to be strong for the group.

Shweta Modgil

Biomed Global in Action [COVID-19 Series | Part 1]


Processing COVID-19 patients’ samples at unprecedented speed and highest throughput possible has been the national top priorities ever since this global pandemics hit Malaysia. Here, our application specialist Mr Afiq is conducting an operational training of KingFisher Automated Extraction Systems at the Makmal Kebangsaan Awam Malaysia.

MKAK has been able to resolve a lot of the backlog samples by using this automation! They can now proceed to run a lot more of Real time PCR tests, the gold standard for COVID-19 diagnostic tests. We can expect an inrease of their daily testing capacity.

Distribution of Thermo Applied Biosystems Product

Beginning March 1, 2018, all orders for Thermo Fisher Scientific reagents and instruments:

    • Applied Biosystem (Taqman, SYBR, Applied Biosystems Real-time PCR, Applied Biosystems PCR Thermal Cyclers, Sanger Sequencing Instruments and Reagents, Contaminant and Impurity QC Testing;
    • Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequencing Instruments and Reagents;
    • Arcturus Laser Capture Microdissection Instruments and Reagents.

Will be processed by Biomed Global as follows.

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